About Global Flare


The Global Flare Revolution

Happier and more successful news and entertainment.

It seems that most of the news out there is negative and much of the entertainment being produced is either degrading, stressful, or depressing. We’re here to change that. We cover positive news; success stories, advancements in technology, wars ending, lives saved, and people getting happy. We creative awesome entertainment; stress relievers, mood lifters, and ridiculously awkward moments.


What is Global Flare’s mission?
We want to support freedom of speech, empower writers and readers on their own terms, and make Thought Catalog an online magazine that represents the worldviews and rhetorical styles of as many people as possible.

Why is your slogan “Happier and more successful news and entertainment.”?
Global Flare works for the same reason that the Internet works: We’re an open and non-hierarchal platform. Anyone can use Global Flare to articulate their ideas and stories to the world. No one is excluded from the conversation. The “all thinking is relevant” slogan embodies our networked approach to writing and content production. If you think something and want to tell the world, then it’s relevant and appropriate for Global Flare.

Do you allow writers to publish under pseudonyms?
Anonymity is a double-edged sword. It can make us less accountable and less empathetic to the impact of our actions. By freeing us from consequences, it can bring out the worst in us. But anonymity can also be liberating. It can expand our creative horizons by allowing us to experiment with different identities or provide a safe space to talk about sensitive issues.

How do I contribute to Global Flare?
Fill out the submission form. If you don’t hear back from anyone, try reaching out to your favorite contributor. If all else fails, email the publisher. Operational limitations often lead to submissions never making it to the site, but if you’re persistent (and polite), we’ll do our best to get it live for you.

Are you hiring? Can I send you my resume?
Many of our staff were active on the site either as a community contributor or in the comments section. So the best way to get our attention is to submit your stories and ideas here. If you want to apply for a business position, explain why you want to work for Global Flare and your core competencies.