Mayfield Leads Buccaneers’ Redemption Quest Against Hurts and Eagles in NFC Wild-Card Rematch


In a high-stakes NFC wild-card matchup, Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are eager for redemption against Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The last encounter in Week 3 saw the Eagles dominate, exposing vulnerabilities in the Brady-less Buccaneers.

Philadelphia’s Week 3 victory was convincing, with the Eagles running 78 plays compared to Tampa Bay’s 44.

The offensive onslaught resulted in a 472-yard gain against the seemingly overmatched Bucs, who managed only 174 yards.

The Eagles dominated the ground game with 201 rushing yards, while Tampa Bay struggled to score until the final quarter.

Despite a late surge by the Bucs, including a touchdown pass from Mayfield to Evans and a 2-point conversion, the Eagles controlled the ball for the last nine minutes.

Over three months later, the Buccaneers, who clinched the NFC South title with a 9-8 record, eagerly seek redemption in the prime-time clash against the 11-6 Eagles.

Many didn’t anticipate the rematch throughout the season, given the Eagles’ robust start and subsequent challenges.

We have a locker room full of guys that are comfortable being counted out. That’s when we’re most comfortable,” Mayfield stated, emphasizing the team’s resilience. “All we wanted was a chance to get in. Now we’re here, and we’ve got to handle it the right way.”

Tampa Bay, the only NFC team to make the playoffs in each of the past four seasons, credits its enduring success to a robust team culture, a legacy built during Tom Brady’s tenure. Coach Todd Bowles expresses confidence in the team’s ability to sustain success with Mayfield at the helm.

Both teams face injury concerns heading into the wild-card clash. Mayfield, dealing with rib and ankle issues, played through discomfort in the previous game.

On the Eagles’ side, Hurts faces the challenge of a dislocated middle finger, while leading receiver A.J. Brown is sidelined with a knee injury.

As the Buccaneers and Eagles prepare to renew their rivalry on Monday night, both teams aim to overcome adversity and advance in the quest for playoff glory.

Mayfield’s leadership and Hurts’ resilience will undoubtedly be key factors in determining the outcome of this highly anticipated NFC wild-card rematch.