Rising Above: Solutions in Sight for Shore Acres’ Flooding Woes


For residents of Shore Acres in St. Petersburg, the ebb and flow of daily life often intersects with the rising waters that plague their neighborhood. As the city grapples with recurring flooding issues, community leaders, city officials, and concerned citizens converge to seek lasting solutions to mitigate the impact of inundation.

Last Wednesday, January 31, saw a pivotal meeting between St. Pete Mayor Ken Welch, city officials, and representatives from the Shore Acres Civic Association to strategize improvements to the neighborhood’s drainage infrastructure. Elijah Ramsey III, a board member of the Civic Association, underscored the urgency of the situation with a vivid analogy, emphasizing the need for immediate remedies (“band-aids”), medium-term interventions (“stitches”), and enduring solutions (“surgery”).

Central to the proposed plan is a call for enhanced maintenance of the drainage system, an initiative championed by both the city and the community. Routine upkeep, coupled with proactive reporting from residents via platforms like SeeClickFix, aims to preemptively address drainage issues and minimize standing water during non-storm periods. Additionally, efforts to upgrade backflow preventers, crucial mechanisms in mitigating high-tide flooding, are underway, with the city committed to replacing a significant portion in Shore Acres.

However, the most ambitious aspect of the strategy entails elevating vulnerable properties above flood levels, a measure that promises lasting protection but poses considerable logistical and financial challenges. While FEMA grant funding offers a potential lifeline for such endeavors, community members are taking matters into their own hands, with some already opting to raise their homes independently. Yet, with nearly 700 residences identified as susceptible to flooding, the scale of the task ahead remains daunting.

Looking ahead, the Shore Acres Civic Association pledges continued collaboration with Mayor Welch and city authorities, armed with additional proposals to fortify the neighborhood against future inundations. As St. Petersburg endeavors to navigate the complexities of climate change and urban development, the resilience and determination of communities like Shore Acres serve as a beacon of hope for a drier, more secure future.