Stunning 1,100 Square Foot Mini-Mansion in Tampa Just Hit The Market For $1.2 Million


Behold, 516 Severn Ave, a quaint little charmer measuring a whopping 1,113 square feet, coming in at a cool $1.199 million. That’s right, folks, for the price of a moderately sized McMansion in, say, Ohio, you can snag yourself a cozy (read: cramped) piece of Tampa real estate.

But wait, there’s more! This isn’t your average shoebox. This is a lifestyle. According to the listing, this “adorable” property boasts “endless possibilities.”

Endless possibilities to do what, exactly? Hold a game of sardines? Host a micro-wedding for your closest two friends? The possibilities are truly endless, if you use your imagination (and possibly some industrial-strength space expanders).

And let’s not forget the prime location! Situated in the oh-so-desirable Davis Islands, this fixer-upper is just a stone’s throw away from…well, other houses that are also probably for sale. But hey, you’re in Davis Islands! Where the streets are paved with gold (or at least they would be if you could afford the paving stones).

So, is this the new American dream? Owning a postage stamp-sized piece of land in a city where even the mosquitos have trust funds? If you’re a fan of shoebox living, tight quarters, and questionable value for your money, then this Tampa gem might just be for you.

But for the rest of us mere mortals, we’ll just have to keep dreaming of that McMansion in Ohio.