Watering Restrictions Extended for Tampa Bay Area


If your lawn’s been looking a little parched lately, you’re not alone. And unfortunately, it’s not getting any better. The Southwest Florida Water Management District has made the call to extend watering restrictions across much of Tampa Bay until July 1st, urging residents to conserve water as the region grapples with a significant rainfall deficit.

Tampa Bay residents are facing an extended period of watering restrictions as the Southwest Florida Water Management District announces an extension through July 1st. With the region experiencing a 12-month rainfall deficit of 7.4 inches, conservation efforts are crucial to manage water resources effectively.

Tamera McBride, Hydrologic Data Manager at the Southwest Florida Water Management District, emphasized the need for careful water usage to conserve until regular rains return. The absence of typical summer thunderstorms has exacerbated the situation, prompting officials to take action to preserve water supplies.

Traditionally, the Tampa Bay Area sees a per capita gallons per day-per-person-use ranging from 80 to 100 gallons, with half of that used for lawn irrigation. As a result, authorities are extending the watering restrictions imposed in November, limiting residents to watering their lawns just once a week until July 1st.

Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties enforce the one-day-per-week watering limit for residents, while neighboring counties such as Polk and Manatee permit watering twice a week with slightly relaxed restrictions.

Failure to comply with watering restrictions may lead to warnings and fines ranging from $100 to $500 for repeat offenders. Authorities stress the importance of adhering to these measures to safeguard water resources and mitigate the impact of the ongoing drought.