3 Tampa Bay Counties Highlighted in Overdose 911 Dispatch Report


Growing concerns over drug-related emergencies highlight three Tampa Bay area counties as “hotspots” for elevated 911 dispatches tied to drug overdoses. This revelation stems from the latest data released by the National Drug Early Warning System, a collaborative effort of the University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University, and New York University.

From March 21-27, the report flagged Pasco, Pinellas, and Hillsborough counties for experiencing a surge in drug-related emergencies. Pinellas County was coded purple for opioid overdose dispatches, while Pasco and Hillsborough were labeled orange for non-opioid responses. These incidents span from cocaine and cannabis overdoses to cases where naloxone, or Narcan, fails to counteract the effects.

The I-75 highway’s role as a significant drug pipeline underscores the regional nature of the problem across these counties. Subscribing to resources like the National Drug Early Warning System’s weekly briefings offers stakeholders vital insights into emerging trends, informing targeted interventions to tackle the ongoing crisis.