Chief Lee Bercaw Vows Action Against Gun Violence in Tampa


In a bid to address the alarming surge in gun violence, Tampa Police Chief Lee Bercaw has launched a staunch commitment to bolster safety across the city.

Chief Bercaw Addresses Mass Casualty Incident

Today, we released the Community Debrief following the Mass Casualty Incident that occurred on October 29, 2023.

In the wake of this release, yesterday, our community experienced another tragedy as a result of senseless gun violence.

The debrief provides an overview of the incident as well as the department’s response and ongoing efforts as it pertains to our four pillars: Community-Orientated Policing, Crime Reduction, Quality Assurance, and Wellness.

As a department, we are committed to continuing to work alongside you to reduce the chance of similar incidents from happening in our city again.

Our deepest sympathies extend to the families, friends, and loved ones who have been affected. We understand that for many the video may be hard to watch. Please view at your own discretion.

To read the full Community Debrief:

To read the Chief’s Open Letter to the community:

Publicado por Tampa Police Department en Miércoles, 10 de abril de 2024

Highlighting a concerning trend, Bercaw disclosed that thieves stole nearly 200 firearms from unlocked vehicles in Tampa just last year. He emphasized the stolen weapons’ threat to public safety, potentially fueling incidents like the recent shooting near Armature Works and one in Ybor City.

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Chief Bercaw released a video urging community action against youth involvement in gun crimes, emphasizing the crucial role of parents, educators, and social workers in preventing further violence.

As authorities continue their search for suspects in the recent shooting, Chief Bercaw reaffirmed his commitment to fostering collaboration and implementing effective strategies to make Tampa a safer place for all residents.

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