Charlotte County Fugitive Fidel (Neil) Fletcher, Suspect in Wife’s Murder, Was Just Found Dead


In a chilling twist, Fidel Fletcher, the fugitive husband accused of murdering his wife Nicole Gates on December 26, was discovered dead. The crime unfolded tragically, witnessed by Gates’ two young daughters.

Amidst speculation of Fletcher’s escape to Tampa Bay, the case took a grim turn on January 19. Responding to a call, deputies found a body near Guild Street. Though immediate identification faced challenges, subsequent inquiries confirmed the deceased as Fidel Fletcher. Evidence suggests suicide, with an official cause pending.

Sheriff Bill Prummell, expressing condolences, acknowledges this conclusion may not offer the justice sought. Despite the somber ending, he hopes for closure, particularly for Gates’ daughters, urging them to honor their mother’s memory.

As details unfolded, reporters spoke with Gates’ sisters, revealing Nicole’s life. Affectionately known as “Nickie,” she sought solace in Florida after her husband’s 2022 demise, only to face another heart-wrenching chapter with Fidel Fletcher. The fugitive had a troubling history, marked by sexual assault and domestic violence charges.

This update on the case serves as a stark reminder of the complexities surrounding domestic incidents, leaving the Tampa Bay community grappling with the aftermath of a disturbing crime that has left a lasting impact on those involved.