Community Rallies: Fundraiser Aims to Keep Lights On at Winter Haven’s Ritz Theatre


Winter Haven’s iconic Ritz Theatre, a cherished landmark steeped in history, faces an uncertain future as the city considers a potential purchase to ensure its preservation. With its rich heritage spanning nearly a century, the theater has served as a cultural hub for the community, hosting memorable performances and cherished memories. However, financial challenges loom large, prompting discussions about the city’s role in safeguarding this beloved institution.

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Amidst uncertainty, Winter Haven city officials weigh the possibility of purchasing the Ritz Theatre, recognizing its significance as a vital cultural asset. City Manager T. Michael Stavres underscores the importance of preserving this historic landmark, emphasizing its role in enhancing the vibrancy of downtown Winter Haven.

As discussions progress, the community rallies behind the Ritz, showcasing unwavering support through a fundraising event scheduled for Saturday. With proceeds earmarked to alleviate the theater’s financial burdens, residents demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding a cherished piece of Winter Haven’s heritage.

Join us for a glamorous evening at the Historic Ritz Theatre’s Casino Royale fundraiser, featuring an elegant ambiance,…

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While the fate of the Ritz Theatre remains uncertain, optimism abounds as stakeholders work collaboratively to chart a path forward. With the city’s potential involvement on the horizon, hopes remain high for a bright future for this beloved cultural institution, ensuring that the lights at the Ritz continue to shine for generations to come.

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