Tampa Police and Crisis Center Join Forces for Mental Health Support


Tampa Bay witnesses a groundbreaking collaboration as the Tampa Police Department and the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay join forces to unveil a pioneering crisis intervention dispatch service program during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. With up to 70% of calls to Tampa’s 911 dispatch center touching on behavioral health, this joint effort acknowledges the need for specialized intervention beyond traditional law enforcement measures.

The partnership heralds a paradigm shift in emergency response protocols.

The initiative aims to reduce officer-dispatched calls for mental health crises, prevent Baker Act recurrences, and connect individuals with ongoing community support.

In light of growing mental health awareness, the partnership underscores the community’s commitment to prioritizing residents’ well-being. Dedicated support channels such as the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline and 211 reflect a holistic approach to addressing mental health needs. In case of immediate emergencies, we encouraged to dial 911 for prompt assistance.

As Tampa Bay embraces this innovative collaboration, hopes are high for its positive impact on crisis management and community well-being.