Dramatic Rescue: Teens Ejected in St. Pete Boat Collision


In a harrowing incident on Sunday evening, two 15-year-old teenagers were injured after their boat collided with a dock in St. Pete’s Shore Acres area.

The crash, which occurred around 6 p.m. off Bayshore Boulevard Northeast, prompted a swift response from St. Pete Fire Rescue. As authorities investigate, concerns about boating safety and prevention stress the need for heightened awareness and caution on the water.

The teenagers, aboard an 18-foot single-motor boat, experienced a jarring impact as their vessel struck the dock, propelling them into the water. Fortunately, witnesses nearby sprang into action, diving into the water to rescue the distressed teens. Meanwhile, the unmanned boat continued its trajectory until a quick-thinking bystander managed to regain control and secure it.

As authorities continue their investigation into the circumstances leading up to the crash, updates on the teenagers’ conditions have surfaced. One of the boys, still critical, shows signs of progress by being awake and able to walk independently. However, authorities describe the other teenager’s condition as critical yet unstable, highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

In response to the incident, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has initiated an investigation to ascertain the sequence of events and identify any potential contributing factors.