Environmental Action: Tampa Ceases Acceptance of Plastic Bags for Yard Waste


As of February 1st, Tampa has ushered in a new era in waste management, with a ban on plastic bags for yard waste disposal. This proactive move underscores the city’s commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible waste practices.

The City of Tampa’s decision to discontinue the acceptance of yard waste in plastic bags signals a significant step towards reducing plastic pollution and promoting eco-friendly alternatives. Transitioning to composting converts yard waste into nutrient-rich soil amendments, contributing to a greener environment.

Acceptable Yard Waste

Residents must use reusable containers or biodegradable paper bags for yard waste and may also bundle waste with jute twine for collection.

Additionally, yard waste must not be place in blue garbage or green recycling carts for proper waste disposal.

Non Acceptable Yard Waste

Furthermore, food waste, soil, dirt, rocks, or heavy debris will not be accepted during curbside waste collections.

In light of the new regulations, Tampa provides residents with essential tips for effective yard waste disposal. These guidelines include specific instructions on acceptable yard waste items and proper containment methods. It is essential to note that trees up to six feet in length are accepted only during designated holiday tree collection periods.

Containers used for yard waste disposal should not exceed 32 gallons and must weigh less than 50 pounds. Residents are reminded not to place these items in regular trash or recycling bins, ensuring efficient waste management and compliance with environmental regulations.