Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Brings 84th Grand Conclave to Tampa


Tampa Bay is gearing up for the Omega Psi Phi Grand Conclave on June 26th, the first time the fraternity has chosen the city as its host.

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Over 50,000 members are expected to attend. The event coincides with the Hillsborough County School District’s plan to rebuild and reopen two elementary schools named after fraternity members Ernest Everest Just and Garland V. Stewart.The fraternity’s decision underscores Tampa’s growing prominence as a hub for cultural and academic gatherings.

Tampa Bay residents can expect to see Omega Psi Phi members adorned in purple and gold attire. For many, the event represents a “Super Bowl” moment, signaling a convergence of intellect, culture, and community engagement.

Beyond the festivities, the fraternity is committed to leaving a lasting legacy through youth leadership symposiums, STEM programs, and financial literacy initiatives.

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As anticipation builds, Tampa Bay residents eagerly await the arrival of the Grand Conclave, a testament to the city’s vibrancy and inclusivity. Stay tuned for updates on this historic gathering, set to transform Tampa Bay’s cultural landscape.

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