Flames Engulf Multiple RVs at Tampa Dealership: What We Know


As the dawn broke over Tampa Bay, a scene of destruction unfolded at a local dealership in Dover, Hillsborough County. Flames ravaged multiple recreational vehicles (RVs) early Wednesday morning, catching the attention of passersby on Interstate 4. What started as a quiet night turned chaotic as firefighters battled to control the inferno at the Blue Compass RV store on McIntosh Road.

A driver on I-4 was the first to spot the smoke and flames, promptly alerting authorities. Among those who responded was a state fire marshal, emphasizing the severity of the situation. Upon arrival, firefighters were met with a daunting sight: four fifth-wheel-style RVs ablaze, with three of them fully consumed by fire.

Despite the intensity of the blaze, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue crews swiftly sprang into action, deploying handlines to combat the flames. Within 30 minutes, they managed to gain control over the inferno, preventing further devastation. However, the damage was already extensive, with a total of six RVs affected by fire or smoke.

Remarkably, no occupants were inside the RVs at the time of the fire, sparing any potential injuries. As the sun rose over the charred remains, questions lingered about the cause of the blaze. Efforts to determine the origin of the fire are currently underway, with investigators meticulously combing through the wreckage for clues.