Golden State Warriors Donate $440,000 To Youth Feeding Programs Around Oakland


hoops for kids in oaklandThe Golden State Warriors are now making a huge difference for kids around the Bay Area. The team has just donated $440,000 to eight organizations that serve local kids through Hoops for Kids feeding program.

They pledged $500 for every regular season 3-pointer, and with their incredible success on the court this season, that really added up. That has added up to a lot of money this season.

The Warriors scored 870 three-pointers this season, a franchise record and the third most single-season three-pointers in NBA history.

“It’s hard out there for a lot young kid. They see a lot of stuff going on in the streets and the community and be affected by it. Kids soak in things they like a sponge. So we are here to soak up the positive things.” commented Kylynn Taylor with the East Oakland Youth Development Center.

The Warriors Community Foundation (which includes Hoops For Kids) has now committed over $1.5 million to youth development in the greater Oakland region.




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