Nashville Public Schools Introducing Free Breakfast and Lunch for All Students


Back to School in Nashville TNNashville public schools are about to change in 2 incredibly huge ways, and most parents couldn’t be more excited. The first new program will be giving free breakfast and lunch to all students for the first time in Nashville’s history. The new initiative is part of Michelle Obama’s program to make kids eat healthier. The best part for Nashville parents is that each free breakfast and lunch given is paid for directly by federal dollars.

The metro public school system has also been working hard to make sure kids have an abundance of healthy options, including a 30-day menu with plenty of choices for students.

“It’s really important that we’re doing this program. A lot of kids don’t eat healthy food at home and we are providing milk, grains, protein, fruit and vegetables,” commented Rebecca Polson, a representative from the Metro Nashville Public Schools.

The second program that is being introduced into all Metro Schools this year will allow all students the option of riding MTA buses to and from school for free.

“if you’re in grades nine through 12, then you’ll have a pass and be able to use MTA for transportation,” remarked Olivia Brown with Metro Nashville Public Schools.

These two new initiatives will most certainly increase the effectiveness of the school system as a whole. Making students healthier and happier, and giving them more options, as well as new positive responsibilities.