How To Earn Points

Global Flare is the world’s first profit-sharing social media network – we pay users based on their activity and how many views their articles get.

Users can redeem points for cash in $10 increments via PayPal (100,000 points = $10)

Users can accrue points by: 

Initial Registration = 10 points

Daily log on = 2 points

Viewing Articles = 1 point per view

Posting An Article (must be approved) = 50 points (-50 for spam articles)

Article Views On Articles Your Write = 1 view = 1 point

Posting A Comment = 10 points (-5 points for spam comments)

Referring Other Users = 100 points

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Global Flare reserves the right to delete any user that engages in plagiarism, spamy articles or comments, or other violations of our terms of service without refund of any points.