Poachers Charged in Baby Alligator Rescue


Four baby alligators have been saved from poachers, who now confront serious charges for their illegal activities. The incident, occurring recently, has drawn attention from wildlife authorities across the state.

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Following a concerned citizen’s call, the Florida Fish and Wildlife agency swiftly intervened, rescuing the imperiled baby alligators. As a result, the poachers involved are now facing 14 misdemeanor charges, including the unlawful taking of the gators and the killing of an adult female alligator.

While specific details regarding the time and location of the incident remain undisclosed, the gravity of the situation underscores the ongoing threats to Florida’s protected wildlife.

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Alligators hold protected status in the state, making hunting them illegal except during designated seasons or in cases where the agency deems them a threat. In such instances, state-certified trappers are summoned to handle the reptiles safely.

Should individuals encounter an alligator posing a threat, it’s imperative to contact the FWC’s Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 1-866-FWC-GATOR promptly, ensuring the appropriate authorities handle the situation safely.