Charleston’s Beacon of Hope: $4 Million Raised for Cancer Care Facility


The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in Charleston has just obtained a $2 million matching grant from the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation, effectively raising a total of $4 million for the lodge.

As highlighted in a recent press release, the Charleston Hope Lodge plays a crucial role in the lives of those battling cancer. It offers not only a sanctuary but also a supportive environment for both patients and their caregivers, providing them with complimentary lodging during the often strenuous and lengthy cancer treatment process.

“The Charleston community really came through in supporting our fundraising campaign,” said Hope Lodge Chair Bob Habig in a press release. “Individuals, foundations, and some of our local medical facilities recognized the historic significance and life-supporting services that the Hope Lodge continues to provide, as it has for over 53 years.”

This substantial $4 million infusion of funds is a testament to the community’s commitment to supporting cancer care and will ensure the continued operation of the Charleston Hope Lodge as a free resource. The lodge serves as a vital home away from home, alleviating the financial burden and stress associated with seeking treatment, and this funding will help maintain and possibly expand its invaluable services to those in need.