Rain or Shine: Florida State Fair Makes History in 2024


Despite encountering rainy weather on its second-to-last day, the 2024 Florida State Fair proved resilient, adapting to the challenging conditions and ultimately achieving record-breaking attendance figures. With the gates delayed until 3 p.m. and rides closed, organizers responded by offering discounted tickets at just $3, ensuring attendees could still enjoy the attractions. Executive Director Cheryl Flood highlighted the fair’s vibrant atmosphere, showcasing live music performances and captivating shows, despite the weather.

Over the 12-day period, the fair drew over half a million people, solidifying its status as a beloved tradition. Flood expressed pride in the fair’s ability to bring families and communities together, offering a variety of attractions including over 90 rides and an expo hall with 200 vendors.

Looking back at Families and Kids Day on February 19th, Flood emphasized the fair’s commitment to providing affordable and enjoyable experiences. With sunny weather forecasted, the fair anticipated a return to full swing.

As the 2024 Florida State Fair came to a close, it left behind memories of food, entertainment, and community spirit, showcasing the resilience and camaraderie of the Tampa Bay area.