Legendary ‘Biscuit Belly’ Just Announced Plans To Open First Carolina Location in Charleston Area


Charleston, get ready to welcome a new culinary delight to your neighborhood! Biscuit Belly, a renowned breakfast chain celebrated for its Southern-themed brunch experience, is set to open its first Carolina location in Summerville. This marks a significant milestone in the brand’s rapid expansion, which has seen it grow from three to nine locations across the Southeast in just two years, with over 20 more in the pipeline.

Biscuit Belly stands out not just for its delectable Southern cuisine but also for its unique theme that has earned it a place among the top 15 themed restaurants in the U.S. in 2023. The restaurant is a tribute to Southern hospitality, offering a “craft casual” dining experience where customers can enjoy the convenience of counter ordering coupled with the warmth of full-service hospitality at their tables.

The menu at Biscuit Belly is a celebration of Southern flavors, featuring homemade biscuits that have become a crowd favorite. These aren’t just any biscuits; they’re the heart of the restaurant’s theme, served up in a variety of classic and inventive ways. From biscuits and gravy to biscuit sandwiches with modern twists like biscuit French toast, the menu is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to innovation while staying true to Southern culinary traditions.


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Biscuit Belly’s upcoming Summerville location is expected to open in downtown at the corner of Richardson and Central Aves in July or August of 2024.

The brand’s dedication to creating a themed dining experience that combines delicious food with a welcoming atmosphere is sure to resonate with Charleston’s food enthusiasts. With plans to expand further in the Charleston area, Biscuit Belly is poised to become a new favorite for those who cherish Southern cuisine and culture.