See Tampa from Space in Stunning New ISS Photos


If you’ve ever wondered What Does Tampa Look Like from Space?, the International Space Station (ISS) has unveiled crystal-clear images of Tampa captured from over 250 miles above Earth. These breathtaking photos showcase the beauty of the Sunshine State, with a special focus on the Tampa Bay area.

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Orbiting 261 miles above our planet, the ISS managed to snap these incredible pictures on May 27. According to the ISS gallery, the images were taken using a Nikon Z9 camera equipped with a 50-500mm lens.

The photos provide a unique perspective of Tampa, highlighting its stunning landscape and sprawling urban areas. For space enthusiasts and Tampa locals alike, these snapshots offer a rare and awe-inspiring view of their city from the vastness of space.

Be sure to check out the full gallery to see Tampa like never before, and experience the wonder of seeing your hometown from a whole new vantage point.