South Carolina Dominates National Rankings of America’s Top Move-In Cities


The South Carolina just topped another national ranking for move-in cities, according to moving and storage company PODS. Their latest data shows a significant trend of new residents flocking to South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia, replacing previous hotspots like Florida and Texas.

PODS reported that over 60% of the most moved-to cities are in these three southern states. The Carolinas alone accounted for 30% of the top 20 cities with the most move-ins, with Myrtle Beach, SC tied for the top spot.

The report notes“While we can’t speak for everyone, our latest PODS data suggests that many people have the Carolinas at the top of their lists as the best state to live in. And we can’t blame them; the low cost of living, good quality of life, access to nature, thriving food scene, and vibrant metro areas are easy to fall in love with.”

Cities With the Highest Number of Move-Ins Ranked

Rank City
1 Myrtle Beach, SC/Wilmington, NC (1st in 2023)
2 Ocala, FL (4th in 2023)
3 Houston, TX (5th in 2023)
4 Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (10th in 2023)
5 Charlotte, NC (16th in 2023)
6 Raleigh, NC (20th in 2023)
7 Phoenix, AZ (18th in 2023)
8 Knoxville, TN (7th in 2023)
9 Jacksonville, FL (8th in 2023)
10 Asheville, NC (17th in 2023)
11 Boise, ID (15th in 2023)
12 Portland, ME (13th in 2023)
13 Nashville, TN (11th in 2023)
14 Atlanta, GA (Not ranked in 2023)
15 Johnson City, TN (Not ranked in 2023)
16 Huntsville, AL (Not ranked in 2023)
17 Dover, DE (Not ranked in 2023)
18 Orlando, FL (3rd in 2023)
19 Savannah, GA (19th in 2023)
20 Greensboro, NC (Not ranked in 2023)