Shark Alert: Massive Great Whites Spotted Near Florida’s Coastline!


Rarely do multiple massive great white sharks appear in Florida’s coastal waters, sparking excitement and curiosity among locals and marine enthusiasts. OCEARCH, a renowned organization tracking marine wildlife, has observed four great whites near and around Southwest Florida’s waters.

Most notably, researchers recently detected Jekyll, an impressive 8-foot, nearly 400-pound great white, near the Florida Keys, alongside another great white named Scot. This juvenile shark, recognized for consistently frequenting the east coast, embarked on an unprecedented journey towards Florida, marking its southernmost venture since OCEARCH tagged it.

Scot, a colossal 12-foot great white weighing over 1,600 pounds, was spotted off the Florida Keys last Sunday, gradually journeying southward since last month. Similarly, earlier this month, researchers tracked Simon, a 9-foot 6-inch great white, south of Naples on the Gulf side of Florida, showcasing its movement across the Sunshine State.

Additionally, researchers spotted Keji, measuring 9 feet 7 inches and weighing 578 pounds, off Florida’s Gulf coast. Keji initiated a journey from the Florida-Alabama state line coast to the Big Bend coastline before proceeding southward.

OCEARCH, known for its extensive tagging efforts, has tagged 437 different animals since 2007, providing valuable insights into marine life. To learn more about OCEARCH’s mission and continue tracking these great white sharks, visit their website.