Oldest Church In Charleston Celebrating 227th Anniversary This Weekend


This coming Sunday, Charleston’s Old Bethel United Methodist Church, the oldest of its denomination and the third oldest building in the Lowcountry, will celebrate a monumental 227 years of history and community service. Located at 222 Calhoun Street, the church has been a cornerstone of Charleston since its founding in 1797, playing a pivotal role through significant periods including slavery and the Civil Rights Movement.

The anniversary celebrations are set to follow the Sunday morning service at 10 a.m., honoring the church’s enduring legacy as a National Historical Landmark. Old Bethel United Methodist Church has been instrumental in shaping the community, not only through its spiritual guidance but also as a beacon of hope and change during tumultuous times in American history.

Rev. David Washington highlighted the church’s connection to prominent figures like Bernice Robinson and Septima Clark, who were instrumental in literacy and voter rights advocacy during the Civil Rights era. Their work, deeply rooted in the spiritual nourishment they received from the church, exemplifies the congregation’s long-standing commitment to social justice and community betterment.

“Old Bethel United Methodist Church has stood as a faithful servant to the Charleston community for many years,” said Rev. Washington. He expressed enthusiasm for the congregation and community to come together in celebration of the church’s rich history and its ongoing mission to be a pillar of support and progress. With a legacy spanning over two centuries, Rev. Washington is optimistic about the church’s future role in the community for many years to come.