St. Pete Beach’s Sirata Resort Expansion Gets Green Light After Intense Deliberations


In a landmark decision for St. Pete Beach, the city commission has given the nod to the expansion of the iconic Sirata Beach Resort. After months of heated discussions and nail-biting deliberations, the fate of the resort’s growth hung in the balance. Now, a 3-2 vote in favor sets the project to move forward, marking a significant milestone for both the resort and the local community.

The Sirata Beach Resort’s expansion will bring renovations to existing facilities and the construction of two new hotels. These additions consist of a 10-story JW Marriott hotel with 290 rooms and an 8-story Hampton Inn with 130 rooms, meeting the rising demand for accommodations in the area.

Originally scheduled for a decision on February 21, the vote got postponed after a marathon 10-hour meeting. Stakeholders anxiously awaited the outcome, with Columbia Sussex poised to execute a backup plan if the expansion didn’t receive approval.

An attorney representing the developer presented an alternative plan under the ‘Live Local Act’ during last week’s deliberations. However, the commission decided to endorse the expansion with conditions imposed on Columbia Sussex.

The vote arrived nearly six hours into the meeting, sparing commissioners from extended debates seen in previous sessions. Residents’ concerns about traffic, safety, and the environment underscored the decision’s significance despite no public commentary on the Sirata’s proposal.

Residents expressed concerns about the expansion altering the community’s character and the cherished beachfront ambiance. These sentiments, while not directly considered by the commission, mirror the broader community’s struggle with growth and preservation.