St. Pete Residents Intrigued by Mysterious Sinking Ship


For visitors and locals alike, Vinoy Park in St. Pete has long been a cherished spot for dolphin sightings and serene waterfront views. However, in recent days, a new spectacle has captured the attention of onlookers: a sinking ship near the pier. Christian Kas, visiting from Michigan with her family, recounts their daily visits to witness the peculiar sight. “When we were walking, my boys were like ‘whoa look at that. That sunk. What’s going on,'” she shared. The vessel, which has been gradually sinking since February, has become a point of fascination for many, prompting questions about its origin and fate.

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Lieutenant Jason Levey from the St. Petersburg Police Department sheds light on the process of dealing with derelict boats like the one currently sinking in the bay. He explains that once a vessel is deemed derelict and the owner notified, they have 21 days to remove it. Failure to do so results in legal action, including fines and impoundment. Despite these measures, the sunken ship remains, posing a navigational hazard and prompting concerns from authorities and residents alike. As the city grapples with logistical challenges in removing the vessel, the situation underscores the complexities of maritime law enforcement and the need for swift action to address such incidents.

As the investigation unfolds, the fate of the sinking ship remains uncertain. St. Pete Police urge caution to boaters navigating the area and emphasize the importance of staying vigilant, especially during nighttime voyages. With the busy summer season approaching, authorities are keen to resolve the situation promptly, ensuring the safety of residents and visitors enjoying the waterfront.