St. Pete’s Historic Kenwood Launches Free Public Transit


Hundreds of Historic Kenwood residents now ride public transit for free. A groundbreaking partnership between the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) and the Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association (HKNA) offers unlimited bus and trolley rides at no cost.

This initiative provides convenient, reliable transportation for all residents, marking a new chapter for St. Petersburg.

The program covers rides to downtown St. Pete and the SunRunner to local beaches. HKNA funds this with a discounted $5,000 rate, offering unlimited pass cards to 600 members without raising fees.

The program aims to reduce car usage, decrease traffic, and ease parking challenges, offering a new way to commute, shop, and explore the Grand Central District.

The free service begins on Sunday, June 9th, with neighborhood association members able to pick up their UPASS at Gateway Subs.