Stay Safe, Stay Informed: Pinellas County’s Urgent Call for Hurricane Preparedness


As Tampa Bay residents brace themselves for another hurricane season, Pinellas County is taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of its citizens.

With preparations in full swing, county officials are urging residents with specific medical needs to heed a crucial call to update their information in the resident registry, a lifeline during emergencies.

Key Program Details

The Special Needs Evacuation program supports those needing medical, functional, or transportation assistance during evacuations. Updating the registry’s information is crucial for effective response.

David Conner, a public information officer, stresses the importance of accurate communication. Swift identification of those in need is vital in emergencies like hurricanes.

Residents can expect calls during specific hours between February 20-23 and February 26-28. Cathie Perkins, Emergency Management Director, emphasizes the critical nature of these calls.

Follow-Up Procedure

If registrants can’t be reached after two attempts, Pinellas County will send new registration forms via mail. Prompt response ensures vital information remains up to date.

Application Process

For those with medical needs or transportation challenges, applying for the program is simple. Visit the Pinellas County website for easy access.

As hurricane season approaches, community collaboration is key. Staying informed and updating vital information fosters resilience in Tampa Bay.