Tampa General Hospital Shines Nationally: A Story of Life-Saving Transplants


Tampa General Hospital (TGH) stands at the forefront of medical excellence, celebrating a monumental milestone in its illustrious history of organ transplantation. Ranking fourth in the nation for transplant surgeries by volume, TGH sets a new standard with 756 life-saving procedures conducted in 2023.

This remarkable achievement cements TGH’s position as a leading institution in the field, with noteworthy distinctions such as ranking second in the nation for kidney transplants and claiming the top spot in Florida for the largest living kidney donor program.

Dr. Pranjal Jain, Medical Director for the Living Donor Program and Chief of Nephrology at TGH, emphasizes the significance of living kidney donations in reducing wait times and saving lives.

Cynthia Knowles finding her match through a mutual friend highlights organ donation’s impact. Her gratitude to donor Christine Cyburt reflects their deep bond.

Knowles and Cyburt’s bond goes beyond biology, blossoming into a cherished friendship filled with support. Knowles’ recovery journey extends beyond physical healing, embracing life’s possibilities with joy.

Tampa General Hospital remains a beacon of hope for those awaiting life-saving transplants. Its commitment to excellence reaffirms its status as a pillar of the Tampa Bay community.