Revealed: Bathroom Dispute Preceded Armature Works Shooting


Court documents reveal the chilling sequence of events leading to the recent shooting near Armature Works. It all started with an argument among juveniles in a bathroom. Witnesses described tensions rising when one individual threatened retaliation for having water thrown at them, though the documents did not specify the initiator. Surveillance footage captured the drama spilling onto the streets near Ulele’s. Jaimartez Young was seen brandishing a gun near Stones Throw and firing multiple rounds at one of the individuals involved. Chaos ensued, with bystanders, including a pregnant woman, caught in the crossfire. Thankfully, all three shooting victims are expected to recover.

READ: Breaking: Arrest Made in Connection to Armature Works Shooting

Young, a key figure in the altercation, faces serious charges, including first-degree attempted murder and possession of a firearm during a felony. Gabriel Catuy, 17, has also been arrested in connection with the incident. State Attorney Suzy Lopez emphasized the gravity of the situation, stressing that firearms in teenagers’ hands are never acceptable. She highlighted the county’s unwavering stance on gun-related crimes, emphasizing accountability and seriousness. With stolen firearms becoming a concerning trend, Lopez made it clear that leniency is not an option, signaling a robust approach to combatting gun violence in the community.