10 Coolest Bathroom Gadgets That Will Change Your Life


If your one of those people who has a bathroom and you love awesome stuff, you’re gonna love this list! Here are some of the greatest bathroom upgrades currently available online…

#1 LED Faucet – $3.73


This faucet is illuminated by water pressure without using any batteries, the light automatically turn off when the water is shut off. The color will change according to the water temperature. Between 0~29 C, the LED faucet will turn the water Blue;  Between 30~39 C, the LED faucet will turn the water Green; Above 40 C, the LED faucet light will turn the water Red – LightInTheBox LED Kitchen Sink Faucet Sprayer Nozzle

#2 Bidet Attachment – $36.27

Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment-on-amazon

The Lily Fresh from Wonder Bidet is a hygienic and comfortable alternative to rough toilet paper. This model is inspired by Wonder Bidet. Carefully designed to attach easily onto any two piece standard toilet bowl and includes all parts needed for assembly – Check out what other fancy people are saying about it on Amazon.com

#3 Bluetooth Shower Speaker – $34.99 

Surprisingly clear highs and low bass for a waterproof speaker. This thing can even take phone calls in the shower with its built-in microphone! It’s now priced under $20 – Find Out Users Commented About The Quze Waterproof Speaker on Amazon.com

#4 Mesh Bath Caddy – $9.99


Make your trips to the dorm showers a million times easier each morning by getting one of these things – Click here for more details on the Mesh Bath Caddy on Amazon.com

#5 Pull Me Down Decal – $1.75

pull me down bathroom decal

If you live with boys or men, or you are a boy or a man and you want to invite a lady over, or if you live with a lady, you need this. It’s under $2 with free shipping, why wouldn’t you get this?

#6 Poo-Pourri Spray – $9.99

poopourri bathroom spray

This stuff is a must-have for anyone who poops. Check out more details and user reviews on Amazon.com

#7 iPad Stand w/ TP Holder – $29.99

ipad toilet paper holder

Who wants to hold their iPod when their on the toilet? Now you don’t have to! Browse Facebook and watch YouTube hands-free while you enjoy your personal time. Check out the hilarious comments about this on Amazon.com

#8 Make-up Organizer – $17.50

bathroom organizer


For anyone who uses makeup in the bathroom, this is a must. Check out what others think about it on Amazon.com

#9 Temp-Controlled LED Shower – $8.98

temperature controlled shower head

If you have trouble feeling hot and cold, this will help you know what temperature the water is, based on what color it is. This is a must for people who don’t have skin. Check out more details on Amazon.com

#10 Curtain w/ Mesh Pockets – $19.88

shower curtain with pockets


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