Bradenton Shelter Overwhelmed with 55 Dogs from Hoarding Situation


Bradenton’s Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue has become the beacon of hope for 55 dogs in desperate need of love, care, and a second chance at life. These canine survivors were among over 200 animals rescued from dire conditions in a Putnam County home. Now, the dedicated team at Nate’s Honor is working tirelessly to provide these animals with the medical attention, compassion, and support they deserve.

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These furry friends, described as “medical cases, matted, scared and in need of immediate attention,” have found refuge in the loving arms of the shelter staff and volunteers. Despite the chaotic influx of animals, the team at Nate’s Honor has mobilized with unwavering dedication to ensure each dog receives the care and compassion they deserve.

We apologize for the lack of posts for the last few days, but our team has been focused on getting the 51 animals (now…

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Amidst the organized chaos of the weekend, Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue has exemplified the power of community and compassion in the face of adversity. With a dedicated team of staff and over 200 volunteers, the shelter has sprung into action to provide medical care, grooming, and love to the 55 dogs in their care. As the dogs undergo extensive treatments for skin conditions, parasites, and ear infections, the shelter remains committed to their rehabilitation and eventual adoption into loving homes.