Charleston Water Facing Major Lawsuit Over Persistent Sewage Overflow Issues


The Charleston Water System has been given a 60-day ultimatum to address its persistent sewage overflow problems, or it could face legal action. This warning comes from the Southern Environmental Law Center, representing Charleston Waterkeeper, which issued a notice letter to the utility on Wednesday.

According to Emily Wyche, a staff attorney at the Southern Environmental Law Center, Charleston Water has experienced at least 176 illegal sewer overflows since 2015. Andrew Wunderley, Charleston Waterkeeper, highlighted that despite awareness of the issue—where rain and floodwaters overwhelm sewage pipes—the Charleston Water System has not implemented necessary fixes.

The notice letter cites the Clean Water Act, under which the Charleston Water System is required to rectify the illegal overflows within the specified 60-day period. Failure to do so could lead to the Southern Environmental Law Center and Charleston Waterkeeper initiating a lawsuit in federal court against the utility.