Chill, Thrill, and Foggy Spills: Tampa Bay’s Weather Rollercoaster!


Brace yourselves, Tampa Bay, as we embark on a wild weather ride this week, from dense fog mysteries to thunderstorm dramas – it’s a spectacle you won’t want to miss!

Tampa Bay’s weather outlook brings a touch of mystery as dense fog settles in, limiting visibility to less than a mile in many areas. A heads-up for your morning commute – the misty conditions might require a bit of caution.

The weather story continues with showers and thunderstorms moving across the region today, ushering in a cold front. Expect temperatures to start in the upper 60s to mid-70s and gradually drop to the 50s by the evening. Wednesday morning will bring cooler temperatures in the 40s for Tampa Bay and even cooler 30s in the Nature Coast.

For Citrus County, a Freeze Watch is in effect tonight, adding a chill to the air. However, Wednesday promises a chilly but brighter day as sunshine finally makes an appearance.

As we navigate through the foggy morning and the chance of passing showers during the day, keep an eye on the Dense Fog Advisory until 10 am, especially with visibility less than a quarter mile in some areas.

The weather script continues with a cold front passing through, bringing multiple passing showers and a 70% rain chance in the afternoon. Temperatures drop quickly by tonight, settling in the 40s by tomorrow morning. Wednesday, though cool, will be mostly sunny, making it a jacket-worthy day.

Looking ahead, Thursday sees the return of clouds and the potential for a few light showers. Starting in the 40s, the day warms up into the mid-upper 60s. Another cold front approaches on Friday with a 40% chance of rain, followed by a cooler weekend where highs will reach the upper 50s on Saturday and low 60s on Sunday.

Tampa Bay, your weather update promises a week of variety – from foggy starts to cooler days, be prepared for a shifting weather landscape. Stay tuned for the latest updates!