Hulk Hogan to the Rescue: WWE Legend’s Heroic Act in Tampa Car Crash


Tampa Bay, brace yourselves for a real-life superhero moment – Hulk Hogan, the WWE Hall of Famer, springs into action, saving a teenager from a flipped car!


Source: The Blaze Twitter

In a moment of true heroism, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, alongside his good buddy Jake Rask, played the role of real-life superheroes on a Tampa night.

The duo rescued a 17-year-old girl from a flipped car on the Veterans Expressway at exit 2A towards Clearwater.

Sky Daily, Hogan’s wife, took to Facebook to share the harrowing incident: “Last night we left dinner in Tampa. We saw a car flipped in front of us. I truly admire my husband Hulk Hogan and good buddy Jake Rask for springing into action.

TMZ captured images of Hogan and Jake at the scene, where they pulled the teenage girl from the wreckage.

In a tweet, Hogan revealed the resourcefulness needed in the rescue, using a ballpoint pen when a knife wasn’t available to puncture the airbags. He concluded with a heartfelt “thank you God, all is well.”

Wife Sky Daily noted that the teen girl emerged “unscathed, just really rattled, which was a miracle.” Tampa police are investigating the cause of the accident.

Online reactions ranged from astonishment to humor, with one comment humorously imagining the first words after a car flip being “you all right, brother?!” – a nod to the famous wrestler residing in the Tampa Bay area.

Jake Rask, the fellow Good Samaritan alongside Hogan that night, expressed relief, stating, “We are just glad she’s OK, and God put us there at the right time.

Hogan, known for his WWE persona, demonstrated his real-life heroism, proving that sometimes, a “brother” helps another when it matters most.