Community Action: Hillsborough Volunteers Survey Homeless Population


Thursday marked the commencement of the Point in Time Count in Hillsborough County, a critical initiative aimed at assessing and addressing homelessness in the area. With hundreds of dedicated volunteers fanning out across the county, the survey aims to capture a comprehensive snapshot of individuals experiencing homelessness, providing vital data to inform strategies and secure funding for essential services.

This federally mandated homeless count, conducted every two years, serves as a crucial tool for tracking trends and directing resources where they are most needed. By surveying individuals living on the streets or in shelters, the county can better understand the scope of the issue and tailor interventions accordingly.

In 2020, Tampa Hillsborough Homeless Initiative projected nearly 150,000 experiencing homelessness, highlighting the urgency. Concerns arise as this year’s count begins, with expectations of surpassing previous estimates due to various factors.

Sarah Cain, from Catholic Charities, stressed the count’s role in understanding homelessness and dispelling stereotypes.

Conducting the homeless count in Hillsborough County poses challenges due to its size, requiring dedicated volunteers for success. These individuals gather crucial data to inform policy and address homelessness locally.

Volunteers tirelessly survey every corner of the county, documenting the experiences and needs of those facing homelessness. Their collective commitment aims to provide support and tackle this pressing issue in the community.