Hikers Discover Extremely Rare Lake Covered in Crystal-Clear Ice


There is nothing like crystal clear water in a remote lake to inspire your imagination…but what about crystal clear ice? It’s a phenomina that is one of the rarest occurrences on our planet. It requires crystal clear water, no snow, and a sudden and dramatic drop in temperature.

Two hikers have just made history by capturing this occurrence on video;

Thomas Nunuk and his friend were hiking in the remote mountains of Slovakia when they spotted what appeared to be the surface of glass. The water is was¬†clear that every rock is visible underfoot. They then noticed that the ice was also crystal clear and they could walk on it…it almost seems as if they are walking on air.

walking across a crystal clear frozen lakeWhile some speculate that the video may be a fake, Igor Ludma, an experienced Slovakian tourist, has confirmed that, although extremely rare, this does happen every several years.

“It is only possible when the temperatures fall from being relatively mild to very cold very quickly, and at the same time it’s important that there has not been any snow which tends to make the ice very cloudy, and we have had those conditions lately which would explain this very clear ice.” he remarked, also estimating that the ice would have had to be at least 2 centimeters thick.

This video has already been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube!




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