Homeless Cat Saves Baby From Freezing To Death


An abandoned newborn baby in the town of Obninsk, Russia was just saved by a homeless cat during a cold winter night last Saturday after the feline curled around the boy and kept him warm enough to live through the night.

Neighbors quickly discovered the 12-week old infant lying on the floor at the entry of an apartment complex entryway the next morning. They were drawn to the scene by meows from “Masha,” a loving homeless cat that lives in a box down the hall of the same complex.

By the time paramedics responded to take the child to a hospital, Masha had grown protective of him, running after the baby and trying to jump into the ambulance after him.

“Residents are certain that if the cat hadn’t taken care of it, the baby wouldn’t have had a chance,” an anchor for Russia’s TV Zvezda said in a broadcast Thursday;

The Moscow Times reported that the boy was rushed to a nearby hospital, where hospital staff found him to be perfectly healthy. Masha (the hero cat) is also receiving extra love, attention and plenty of cat treats.