How To Solve Poverty In America


The protesting, rioting, and looting in Baltimore, Ferguson, and NYC this past year was not about police brutality. The tragic deaths were the spark that lit the anger and resentment that’s been brewing for years. The anger over social inequality and poverty. The anger over intercity racism. The anger and pain from countless broken and hurting families.

So what can be done? How can we fix these growing issues in cities across America?

As a nation we have become far too polarized. The Republicans don’t respect the Democrats, any mention of welfare is seen as pure evil. The Democrats don’t respect the Republicans, any mention of tax cuts or limiting access to abortions is seen as pure evil.

the solution to the baltimore riotsWe have always been a nation of helping others through love and respect. We have always been a nation of immigrants who help each-other through hard work, creative ideas, and innovation.

Some people think we can simply remove government subsidies and people will be forced to work hard and innovate, how’s that working out for the third world nations? Rather than more innovation, we often see more starvation. We have to address the issues of poverty in America, and we have to work with those we don’t agree with to develop lasting solutions.

We have to return to what made us great. We have to start respecting those we disagree with, listening to each other, and working together to find balanced solutions to complicated issues.

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