Japan Releases Plans for World’s First Underwater City


As most countries around the world are wanting to built taller and taller skyscrapers, one country is planning on building a structure that is miles taller than any other building. Instead of scraping the sky, it will be scraping the bottom of the ocean floor.

The Japanese Shimizu Corporation has just unveiled renderings of the world’s first underwater ‘lowrise’, which they estimate could be constructed as early as 2035. The massive underwater structure measures over four football fields in height;

worlds first underwater city2

Its electricity and water supplies will extend almost two miles deep into the depths of the ocean.

worlds first underwater city1

There will be areas for businesses, hotels, and residential homes for up to 5,000 people off Japan’s coast. There will also be an “Earth Factory” that will recycle CO2 for the society.

worlds first underwater city3

“The Ocean Spiral,” will have sustainable fisheries, plazas and promenades for its residents.

worlds first underwater city4

The “Blue Garden” will have an impressive grand entrance for both visitors and residents.

worlds first underwater city5

Also, did we happen to mention the deep-sea gondola system?

worlds first underwater city6

Making even the most extravagant home on land extravagant  is now boring…it’s time to open up a whole new world under the sea;

worlds first underwater city7