Local Bluefield, WV News Anchor’s Dance Videos Go Viral


Dan Thorn of WVNS in Bluefield, West Virginia has just become a national celebrity for his epic commerical break dance moves. The recent videos he uploaded to youtube have now attracted millions of views in a few short days.

Here’s the clip that made him famous, now with over 4 million views;

Bluefield WV News Anchor Goes Viral“It’s weird, to be honest with you. I often have to pinch myself and say how did this happen,” Thorn commented.

“I’m just a small town West Virginia anchor and now I’m on Fox News Channel.”

Thorn is a New York native who joined the West Virginia news team in February 2013, according to the channel’s website, but clearly his co-anchor Sarah Pisciuneri hasn’t warmed up to him yet.

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