Mysterious White Orb Over Grand Strand Sparks Viral Conspiracy Theory Debate


Residents along the Grand Strand flooded social media yesterday after the appearance of a mysterious white balloon floating at 58,000 feet, sparking widespread online speculation and photo sharing.

The balloon’s presence evoked memories of previous incidents, like the Chinese spy balloon that was shot down over South Carolina and the ultra-low Chinese satellite that crashed off the east coast, leading to immediate conjecture about its possible connection to Chinese surveillance activities.

However, after thorough investigation, authorities have identified the balloon as a Raven Aerostar Balloon, a remnant of Google’s former Loon Project. These high-altitude balloons, typically found in the stratosphere, were initially developed to expand internet access in remote and rural areas.

Designed for long-distance travel at significant altitudes, Raven Aerostar Balloons are equipped to gather extensive data, serving a purpose far different from the speculated espionage activities.