New Gadget Allows Police To Detect When You Are Texting While Driving


If you’re one of those people who is always speeding or never wearing a seat belt, now you have a new reason to be paranoid of the cops.

A Virginia based company called ComSonics has now made a pointable device that could be used by law enforcement in the same way a radar gun is, but instead of speed, it detects a texting signal.

The Virginian-Pilot has reported that ComSonics is creating a device that picks up on radio frequencies that come a phone texting within a car. The frequency a cellphone emits varies depending on what the phone is doing — sending data, making a call, texting, etc —which allows this new device to hone in on the texting frequencies and determine if texts are being sent from within any given car.

The company does claim that the device is only able to determine if a phone is being used for a specific purpose, and it cannot record or translate signals into anything readable – it’s simply designed to detect.

Naturally it may be difficult to prove a text was being typed out by the driver, rather than another passenger in a car, but if you’re the only one in it, that’s going to be pretty hard to explain to an officer.



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