A Milwaukee Serial Rapist Will Now Spend The Next 155 Years Behind Bars


milwaukee rapistA Milwaukee man has just been put behind bars for the rest of his life for committing at least five armed rapes last fall — four of which happened after police had already identified him as a suspect. He was just sentenced to 155 years of hard time.

Robert C. Brown was found guilty by a jury of his peers of 15 counts of first-degree sexual assault while armed with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping, and armed robbery.

Last year, Brown took all five victims at gunpoint to secluded areas — a cemetery, a park, a garage, behind an abandoned house — and raped them. The victims ranged in age from 14 to 23.

Assistant District Attorney Jessica Ballenger reminded Wagner that at the time of the offenses, Brown was wanted on a warrant for absconding from his probation on an earlier burglary conviction.

Brown’s attorney, Louis Epps, had asked Wagner to consider a 60-year prison term, followed by 20 years of extended supervision, noting that Brown would likely be subject to civil commitment as a sexually violent offender under Chapter 980 after his prison term ended anyway.

That plea was rejected, and Brown will now spend the rest of his life behind bars.

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