New Little Free Library Opens in New Port Richey: A Literary Haven


New Port Richey recently welcomed the unveiling of a delightful addition to its Recreation & Aquatic Center: a “Little Free Library” – a cozy book-sharing nook designed to foster a love for reading within the community. Sponsored by the New Port Richey Public Library, this marks the fourth such installation in the city, joining existing locations at Jasmin Park, James E. Grey Preserve, and Cotee River Park.

Through the collaborative efforts of community members, the vision of fostering a culture of reading and community engagement has come to fruition.

The library, with its open-door policy, encourages residents to share and exchange books freely, promoting literacy and camaraderie.

Through collaboration with the recreation center, the Little Free Library strives to serve as a hub of learning and exploration for individuals of all ages, enriching the fabric of New Port Richey’s vibrant community