People Are Awesome – Most Extreme Stunts Ever


Here is one of the most epic compilation videos proving that people are awesome, including cliff diving, snowmobile high jumps, bull fighting, and other ridiculously crazy stunts. For all people that are adrenaline junkies, we present to you the most epic stunts of all time. This video is clear evidence that people are really awesome.

AwesomePeopleVideoMaybe you’ve figured this out much quicker than I have, but I realized recently that one of the “topics” I cover here in this video is “people are awesome” and “look at all the amazing things we can do that we’ve never done before”. And it’s not just videos like the one above where people perform physical feats of obvious novelty and amazement. These crazy epic stunts are completely changing how people think about space and time, and inspiring people to be more awesome!