Pinellas County Ends Contracts Amid Construction Chaos


Pinellas County recently voted unanimously to terminate contracts with American Empire Builders (AEB), a Miami-based construction company hired to replace three bridges in the area.

Faced with substantial delays and inadequate responsiveness from the contractor and its surety company, the Pinellas Board of County Commissioners took this drastic step to protect the interests of its citizens.

American Empire Builders was tasked with replacing the Westwinds and Crosswinds Bridge in Palm Harbor’s Baywood Village and the Oakwood Drive Bridge in the Harbor Bluffs area of Largo. The projects, budgeted under the Capital Improvement Program and funded by Penny for Pinellas, have faced numerous setbacks.

Residents Relieved as Pinellas County Acts Against Bridge Builder

After enduring prolonged construction delays and dissatisfaction, frustrated neighbors and residents warmly welcomed Pinellas County’s unanimous decision to terminate contracts with American Empire Builders (AEB).

Commissioner Kathleen Peters expressed the county’s disappointment in the contractor’s performance, hinting at potential legal action to recover funds spent on the multi-million-dollar projects.

The decision marks a turning point for residents, especially those in Palm Harbor’s Baywood Village, who grappled with ongoing concerns about debris and lengthy delays throughout the 18-month project.