South Carolina’s Bold Move Against Underage Pornography Access with New Bill


The South Carolina House of Representatives recently passed a bill aimed at restricting access to pornographic websites for individuals under 18. The bill, known as House Bill 3424 or the Child Online Safety Act, received overwhelming support with a vote of 104-1.

This proposed legislation, if approved by the South Carolina Senate and signed into law, would make it illegal for operators to allow minors access to pornographic sites. It also empowers the attorney general to take legal action against anyone, including commercial entities, who fail to effectively block underage access to such content.

Proponents of the bill hailed its passage as a significant step by the government to safeguard children from the harmful effects of pornography. The bill mandates that pornographic websites implement an age verification process to prevent underage users from accessing their content.

The bill’s language specifically states the need to amend the South Carolina Code of Laws by adding Section 39-5-190, which includes definitions, prohibitions against making pornographic websites available to minors, directives for the attorney general to establish certain procedures, and provisions for private legal action.