Quadcopter Micro-Drones Are How Kids Are Taking Selfies These Days


One of this century’s most powerful new technologies that can do everything from unmanned missile strikes to delivering your groceries has now taken things to the next level.

An unbelievable new trend is taking off around the world. Camera-equipped drone quad-copters are now being used to film almost everything – from independent films, to viral videos, and now even ‘selfies’. A new generation of tiny drones that are less than the size of most smart phones are now saturating the market. One of the most popular of these is made by a company called Hubsan, and is now available on Amazon.com for $49.99

Here is recent review of one of the quad-copters in action…


If you want to step things up in terms of quality and control…there are countless options, but perhaps the best and most used quad-copter currently on the market is the DJI Phantom which comes in a variety of models, camera models and features, and configurations. One of the most popular is the FC40 which is now selling on Amazon.com for $499

Here is a sample of what the DJI Phantom FC40 can do…